The Power of Self-reflected Sistership

We cannot fully return to wholeness & become the Goddesses of Love we were born to Be if we do not acknowledge the hurts we are carrying from past experiences with other women. Until we acknowledge & deal with these wounds & the shame we may be carrying from wounding other Sisters in our lives, we are limited in how far we are truly able to evolve,grow,nourish, & rise individually as well as collectively. How we ‘Sister’ ourselves is especially important to look at with love and compassion vs judgement and making ourselves wrong/bad. Some questions to ask: “Can I count on myself to stand up for & stay true to me?” “ How are my relationships with other women reflective of how I Sister myself?” I’ve found both for myself, as well as my clients, that asking one of the Goddesses of Love to be present and hold space while undergoing this deep dive and engaging in a forgiveness practice is especially helpful. What one thing could you, would you, do today to be a part of healing the Sistership wound within yourself and in the world? Loving you sweet fierce Sister as we stand together hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, & soul to soul. 🙌💖

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