Reclaiming My Past - Wilson Park

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

As part of my Becoming the Goddess of Love and Returning To Wholeness reclamation journey this week I went to Wilson Park in Kitchener. This is the spot where I often frequented the arena, and playground from age 4 to 18. Close to my home street where my 40 yr journey with sexual,emotional, and physical abuse began, this space played an important part in the continuation of my perception of myself as small, unsafe, prey and victim. The wood lot which borders the playground was, so we were told, an unsafe space where men were waiting to molest and accost children. Classmates had stories of being approached, touched, grabbed, etc. One time on a school trip I saw a man hiding in the bushes watching us. It scared me but I didn’t say anything. Several days my mother told me that we weren’t allowed to go to Wilson park that day because the police were looking for a man who had molested a classmate of mine. (I had been holding onto the guilt of not saying anything for 30 years.) This all played into my narrative and experience as being unsafe and the world being a place where strange men were waiting to attack and hurt me. So on Thursday I took my dog Violet and went here to take my power back. After applying various essential oils V & I went into the woods. Supported by the Goddesses Of Love who I work so closely with and the trees themselves I channeled and sang Light Language which cleared the energy, raised the vibration, and brought healing to me and the space itself! As V and I found our way out of the woods we came to a beautiful circle grove of Cedar Sisters (top pic) who embraced, sang and celebrated with me! You do not have to be bound by the experiences and spaces and faces of your past. You, too sweet Sister, have the right, responsibility, and capability to restore, reclaim, and rewrite the story of who you truly are. You deserve to wake up every day rejoicing as the Goddess of Love you were born to Be!

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