Sekhmet speaks

Sekhmet speaks “Draw closer sweet child/sister of mine. Feel the warmth of my fiery breath merge with your Being & melt all those spaces & places that are keeping you distant from your Self, your whole heart, from others, & from Me. Bow down to me my Priestess & lay your sorrows at my feet in offering so I may crush them into dust & sand to be lifted up into the desert winds, dispersed forever. I AM the Goddess side of you who turns anger into fuel for service-oriented action. I AM the Goddess side of you who lusts for the thrill of a divinely ordained challenge & will not be stopped until it is complete. I AM the Goddess side of you that is no longer content to sit idly by & maintain the status quo of subjugation, suppression, disrespect, & separation. Known as the dark & fiery One I speak to that part of you you’ve been taught to be afraid of for so long. In fact, you've been so indoctrinated about the necessity to dull yourself & turn away from the power of your dark & wild side that you’ve even taken on the job of suppressing & punishing yourself - often in ways so subtle & deep you’re unable to discern what you are doing even when you are doing it. ENOUGH! Enough playing the victim. Enough numbing yourself to avoid hearing & feeling what’s screaming to be acknowledged deep within. Enough attempting to be nice & appease & please everyone but yourself. Enough making yourself wrong for yearning for more...for yourself...for others...for this beautiful world and all its beings. Enough allowing the words of those who seek to keep you under foot to matter to you, even going so far as to allow others words to shape the perception of who you believe yourself to be. Enough lashing out at & tearing down the Sisters all around you. Don’t you realize that you are only hurting yourself & doing ‘others’ dirty work for them. I will not sit quietly by anymore as you settle for less than you truly desire. My time has come! Let my roar wake up those sleeping parts of your mighty Goddess of Love Self. Let my growls vibrate through your whole being stirring & stoking your warrior of love fire within. Let the ferociousness of my love consume you & purify your heart. Allow me to devour your fears & show you how to do the same. The time has come dear child/sister of mine to stoke the fire of your heart & radiate it’s full eye-blinding brighter than the sun brilliance into the world. Take up space. Give notice. Raise your voice. Start living your life large and loud. Stand together in Sistership and rise! You’ve got a Lioness Goddess at your back, & front, & sides. You’re heart is not afraid of getting hurt, that is your ego, so unleash ferocious love into your life and world. Together, embracing the dark & the light, the warrior & the nurturer, the feminine & the masculine, we will create the change that you have been seeking for so long. Now let’s get started!”#goddessreclaimed #sekhmetspeaks

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