Mary Magdalene's Wisdom

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

This morning as I was ‘singing’ a light language, I’ve recently begun channeling, Mary the Magdalene came through and had this to say (to both me & to each of you my beautiful Sisters), “Sweet is the sound of your voice as it transforms the air, activating a dance of atoms never before experienced until this very moment. Sing sweet Sister, sing today & channel the beauty of love & life through you out into your environment right here, right now. Be the creatrix you’ve been perfectly designed to be. Life is so very precious sweet Sister of mine. Breathe it in, take it in, embody it in every cell of your being. Let it wake up the long dormant parts of your heart & self that have been awaiting the time of the resurrection for it is now, in this moment, that you are being encouraged, invited, requested to wake up & shed the shackles that for far too long have held you captive. Too long have you hidden in fear of the magnificence of the divinity that flows through you solely desiring to express itself as you in the physical world - the perfect marriage of the spiritual & physical. Throw open the doors & windows - tear down the walls & perceptions that have tormented you in this dance of living life from the shadows. What purpose- what service could you possibly be providing by not allowing the fullness of the Divine to move through you & be expressed in the physical world? What treasure do you erroneously believe awaits you for indulging in the dance of fear & separation? Are you afraid your body, your mind, your being couldn’t possibly handle the surge -the wave - the fullness of Love so strong - so all encompassing it is ever present, ever indestructible, completely limitless? Do you cling to the ‘less’ you believe you deserve in an attempt to appease those around you who believe the same about themselves? Has my Beloved’s story of death & cruxifiction become the evidence you use to justify turning your back on the fullness of divinity that yearns to stretch out & flow fully into the Light expressing itself in every moment of your life once again? Or perhaps it is the story of the perceived banishment of the Goddess that you are using as reason to hold yourself and the Divine back from fully expressing. Look towards me sweet Sister for I am evidence of how Love transforms, transmutes, & carries on endlessly, unstoppable, reaching throughout all time to fill the darkest recesses of mind, body, & space - of Love that will not & can never be held back indefinitely. Love is always the answer & always present- ALWAYS. My journey to love within myself & with my Beloved is not one of sorrow or loss or punishment - it is an unending, ongoing, still unfolding journey of joy, love, connection, co-creation, & freedom. How could one moment in time extinguish or diminish, for more than a mere second, the Love-the Life-the Divine Grace & Beauty that exists everywhere at all times in all things seen & unseen - physical & non-physical? Open your arms sweet Sister & fully breathe in the glorious essence of Love & Life. Sing out sweet Sister & share your voice - your medicine- with all that makes up your environment. Let Love be your shield, your filter, your law & your life. You’ve only just begun to experience the power & freedom of Divinty’s Love. Let it lead you into the process of transformation as you transmute old beliefs, perceptions, & habitual ways of being. Let it lead you into an embodied understanding of the difference between a loving Yes & a fearful Yes - a loving No & a fearful one. Allow Love itself to assist you in understanding the true power & safety of a boundary placed in alignment versus one placed out of fear or anger. Let Love show you the way. This time in which you are living seems to be one of chaos & growing darkness but that is simply the illusion on the surface. Can you feel it sweet Sister - what is being woken up - what is being stirred to rise - what is being resurrected & reclaimed within yourself as well as those Sisters & Brothers who are aware? The era of fear & separation is in it’s final death throes ...don’t let what you see fool you otherwise. It’s time for you my sweet Sister to face the Truth - that Love is what you are & ever will be. Root yourself deeply in this awareness as you lean into the process of ascension & reclaim yourself as the vessel of abundant Love, Grace, & Celebration you came here to be. I, dear One, am always with you ready to guide & support you on this most important & necessary journey. I Love You - ALWAYS

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