Home Fit For A Queen

My recent experiences with looking for a new home to rent have really brought home the importance of our physical environment’s role in supporting & nourishing the Lover Within & how easy it is or isn’t to hold onto the frequency of being the Goddess of Love you were born to Be & vice versa. A few of the questions Goddess Aphrodite suggested I utilize (often) are “What does this house/environment

reflect about how much I value my self?” “As I walk through this space does the Lover Within feel excited, nourished, & free to grow?” “If I lived in this house would I feel like a Queen ....a Goddess... or like a victim .....a failure?” These questions have nothing to do with size or price tag .... your answers to these questions may differ from mine even if we were in the same house ..... they are about loving myself/ourselves enough to allow myself/ourselves to not consciously settle for anything less than our Lover Within needs to feel full and grateful everyday I/we spend living in that space. I have fully realized through this process how the choices I have made in regards to my housing over the last few years, actually ever since I left my last abusive marriage 10 years ago, have been made more from a place of fear, smallness, & victimhood than love and truth. I’ve rationalized it as being responsible financially but that isn’t the truth - interestingly, as a result, it has been harder to allow & create abundance. Naturally so, because if my home makes me feel poor or a victim or embarrassed or ashamed in any way then that is the vibration I am setting out into the world which will be reflected back - not as truth but, this is important, as a challenge to those beliefs & an opportunity to choose something different, to choose what will bring me closer to ME & being the Goddess of Love I was born to Be. This can be challenging for those of us who have experienced abuse trauma as we often unknowingly take on the continuation of the abuse through living & choosing through fear & the untrue belief that staying small will keep us unnoticed & therefore safe. Thank Goddess my Lover Within & the Goddesses I communicate with have been relentless in spurring me forward to MORE. I/you/we deserve nothing less than what makes our heart, spirt, and body smile! When I/you/we honour & love our Lover Within then all our experiences will be reflections of that frequency.. of those choices... fitting for the Goddesses of Love we are. It’s then that the relationships - personal, professional, intimate - will show up that provide the experience of feeding our Lover Within the way it deserves to be fed with delight, ease, and grace. You, my beautiful abundant Sister are a queen. Let your environment reflect that! Nourish your Lover Within today by focusing on 1 thing in your environment or change in your environment that will make you smile and sing. You deserve nothing less!#homefitforaqueenoflove #loverwithinathome

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