Goddess Qualifies Those She Calls

Saw the masculine version of this saying at a recent doTerra training and this version spoke to me immediately....when Goddess calls ...when that inner Goddess of Love yearns ..... when that juicy warrior-Lover Feminine Within starts to stir ..... you don’t have to have it all together to answer that calling .... in fact it’s preferable.... part of the process is letting HER guide you, nurture you, nourish you, challenge you, teach you slowly step by step peel away the layers and lies and stories that have distanced you from YOU....and HER. You (the small version of you) don’t need to know exactly what to do or where it all will lead because YOU (the ginormous version) and Goddess do. Simply breathe, ground, connect and sense as best you can the love and support coming through then in partnership with YOU and Goddess take a step, breathe and take things in allowing the unfoldment and evolution to occur, celebrate the shifts, gifts, and the new awarenesses, then take another step , breathe and allow the unfoldment, celebrate the shifts, gifts, and new awarenesses, then take another, breathe and allow.............. you got this you juicy phenomenal radiant Goddess Of Love You! 💖❤️💜

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