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To love oneself is the purest form of worship of the Divine - Feminine and Masculine. For you are a reflection, a creation, of that unconditional energy and essence of Love that is so radiant and pure it can not help but create and be expressed. Loving yourself as I love you doesn't make you special it makes you Free - Free to experience all that the physical and spiritual worlds in partnership have to offer. Loving yourself as I love you and as I know and love myself will not protect you from never having to feel pain or come face to face with challenges. What it will do is allow you to love yourself through the pain and discomfort, and to embrace yourself - not as a victim but simply as a Loving Divine Connected Being in need of a little extra understanding, assistance, compassion, inspiration, and determination - thereby creating the conditions that will allow you to flow through it more gracefully, efficiently, and quickly. Love Is Who You Are! Loving yourself is the most courageous, sacred, and divine act, you Beautiful One, can engage in. Start a riot of self-love and watch the miracles unfold and explode all around you. Love yourself as an unique reflection of me and you will begin to see me everywhere and in everything"

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