Freya Speaks

"Sweet child of mine do not fret - all is well in your world and in your life.

Life was never meant to be a continual joy ride devoid of pain and challenges How else are you going to stretch, to strengthen, to see all that you are truly capable of?

Relax, dear one, and ride the wave of Love to the shore of Earthly delights and pleasures.

Before the orgasm comes the tension of the build up. It’s at this point when you think you can not handle anymore pleasure, anymore sensation, anymore stimulation, that it is necessary to really breathe deep and relax further - surrendering to the rising wave - when you do, then, the doors open and the flood of release, bliss, and communion with all there is - the tsunami of Love - flows through you.

This is life, dear one - the continual cycle of contrast - the dance of being of a spiritual Being in a physical body on a physical planet.

It is in this dance that the sweetness of life unfolds.

Ride the wave of Love sweet child of mine - all you desire is waiting to be harvested when you get to shore.

I, Freya, goddess of love, pleasure, and all things royally feminine, love you and support you. Simply ask and I will make myself known to you.

Ride the wave of Love Beautiful One and embrace your right to live a life of Love, Light, and Luxury.

Let pleasure and passion be the oars that steer you through the turbulent waters.

Let Faith be the sail that keeps you moving forward.

Let Intuition be the compass that steers you towards your Inner Heart’s desires.

Let Love be the fuel that powers your journey and brings you home to yourself, your rightful abundance, your passion, your service, your bliss, and, to me."

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