Divine Environments: 
Clearings & Blessings For Home, Office, & Land


Reclaim Your Space

Home & Office Clearings & Vibrational Realignments That Leave Your Environments Fit For A Goddess/God

My Environmental Clearing and Vibrational Realignment Service includes:
1) a full walk through pre-clearing consultation explaining what energies, entities, geopathic stress factors, spirits, vortexes, etc are present in each individual room as well as the office/home/building as a whole and the land the building sits on.
2) clearing of each room and filtering reinstated/put in place to maintain the clearing and a healthy vibrational level, releasing of all spirits, and reworking of any vortexes to benefit the health and well-being of your clients, employees, family members, etc.
3) if necessary clearing of employee, family member, or self in regards to any energetic attachments that may be interfering with the environment
3) desired vibrational template set up in each room and for office/house as a whole and the land
4) post clearing consultation outlining your next steps and a list of suggestions to keep the vibrational levels of the office/house and each room healthy and beneficial for your clients, employees, family, etc.  
Time required to do all of the above depends on the size and issues within the office/house. the land, and the neighboring environment.


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