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Circle Is...

Circle is a gathering of women that is set up in such a way that it allows the participants and the facilitator to lay down the roles they play in everyday life and step into sacred space as equals.   Here they are able to take off their masks, step out of their stories, and reconnect to and reclaim the truth of who they are as individuals, as women, and as reflections of the Divine Feminine and Masculine in harmonious partnership.  Circle provides a safe, sacred, and supportive space for women to reclaim their voice, their power, their desire, their passion, their purpose, their creativity, thier playfulness, their wisdom, their bodies, their collective herstories, their place in the circle of sacred sistership, and their truth.  Circle is a way to honor and heal our collective and individual past, stand ground and centered in celebration as we reclaim the wholeness of you we are in the present, and co-create a future for ourselves, our children, and all beings in which all are treated with respect, honored for the gifts they bring to the Table of Life and equality is not simply an ideal or desired state but an everyday reality.


A Circle of Equals

The circle is a principle as well as a shape. 

It goes counter to the social order, pecking order, superior/inferior, ranking order

that compares each individual woman to others.

Sitting in a circle, each woman has a physical position that is equal to every other

woman in the circle.

She takes her turn and the circle turns, she speaks up and is heard.  

Still old habits prevail, until the practice of equality makes equality the expected norm.

Jean Shinoda Bolen in The Millionth Circle: How to change ourselves and the world 

women in circle holding hands_edited.jpg

The Power Of Sistership

Hand in Hand, Heart to Heart, Shoulder to Shoulder, Soul to Soul - Women Coming Together In Sistership To Nurture & Celebrate Each Other As We Reclaim Our Divine Feminine Power

What is Sistership?

Sistership is the relationship amongst women based on the values of celebration, collaboration, connection, co-creation and cooperation.
Sistership is a safe place for women to be real, vulnerable and authentic. Tears and smiles are equally welcome.
Sistership is based on respect, responsibility, reliability and reflection.
Sistership is a support structure for women’s dreams to come to fruition.
Sistership does not discriminate, isolate, exclude or shame women; it is an invitation for all women to rise together as one solid unit, regardless of race, class or age.
Sistership’s motto is “no sister left behind.”

Why Circles?

Since the beginning of time women have been coming together in Circle to educate, inform, share, experience, worship, & connect with each other and the Divine Feminine.

It's time to reclaim this sacred tradition of women gathering together in sacred space to enact sacred work.
1 million circles on the planet.
That’s what Jan Shinoda Bolen boldly proclaimed is the tipping point for the world’s paradigm to shift from patriarchy to equality.
We are in dire straits as a human family right now and the world needs circle more than ever. With all that is happening on the world stage, women Hand in Hand, Heart to Heart, Shoulder to Shoulder, Soul to Soul - Women Coming Together In Sistership To Nurture & Celebrate Each Other As We Reclaim Our Divine Feminine Power
What happens when women gather is pure magic.
Voices are heard.
Ideas are shared.
Dreams come to fruition.
Past hurts heal.
Faces light up.
Shame turns into empowerment.
Fear turns into love.
Loneliness turns into connection.
 I,  invite you to join me and your Soul Sisters in celebrating  one another despite our differences and feel our collective power - the Power of Sisterhood.


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