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Goddess Reclaimed Offers Transformational Coaching, Programs, Workshops, & Events That Honor The Divine Feminine Essence Within Us All. 

Designed For Sensitive & Gifted Transformational Coaches, Creatives, Healers, & Heart-centered Entrepreneurs, Who've Earned Their Wisdom By Surviving Really Tough Times,  These Programs Will Support  You To Challenge Your Fears, Transform Your Trauma Stories Into Power & Reclaim Your Authentic Voice So You Can Start Sharing The Wisdom You Carry To Make A Difference In The Lives Of Others 

Goddess Reclaimed Transformational Coaching

Private & Group Transformational Coaching Programs That Take You Step By Step To Reclaim Your Power, Restore Your Essence And Power Up Your Voice, So You Can Be Heard, Respected, And Paid.

Goddess Reclaimed Transformational Events

Sacred Events, Retreats, & Gatherings For Restoring Your Essence, Nourishing Your Heart & Soul, Reclaiming Your Feminine Gifts, Voice, & Power, & Strengthening Your Intuition & Creativity

Sacred Circles

Circle is a gathering of women that is set up in such a way that it allows the participants and the facilitator to lay down the roles they play in everyday life and step into sacred space as equals.

Desire Map Workshops & Coaching

Return to your heart.
Choose your feelings.
Create your life with intention.

Firestarter Workshops & Coaching

For Transformational Coaches, Healers, Creatives, & Entrepreneurs

A fierce guide for cutting through fog and fear to get straight to your core desires, pragmatism, and courage—and burn some illusions to a crisp.

Strengthen your voice. Prioritize what’s sacred. Define success — on your own terms.


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