About Goddess Reclaimed & Christine Riedel


Goddess Reclaimed Is Committed To ...

  • Co-creating with you a legacy of proud, prosperous, passionate, and powerful beautiful Beings standing together shoulder to  shoulder, hand in hand, heart to heart as you move beyond the traumas of your past and patriarchal programming to openly celebrate and radiate the truth of who and what you are ... GODDESS ...GOD...ONE​

  • Providing a space of non-judgement and safety for each beautiful Being to discover their unique path to wholeness, self-compassion and awakening

  • Supporting the refinement of your unique gifts & talents as you seamlessly free yourself to reclaim your sovereign right to live a life of MORE - 'more than enough' love, abundance, health, and pleasure - on our own terms, & without apology or fear of subjugation or punishment

  • Co-creating with you a world where  people of all colours, traditions, orientations, &  gender presentations intentionally answer the call of the Goddess as SHE rises within them ready to be turned on and tuned into the juiciness of their true radiant beauty & powers 

  • Facilitating the restoration of your wholeness, as the Goddesses & Gods of Love you were born to Be, filled with self-love and acceptance of ALL aspects of yourself as reflections of Divine Essence

  •  Reclaiming Sacred Feminine wisdom and the power of Sacred Community, to nurture your connection to & expression of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine, in harmonious loving partnership, in all your relationships -including with yourself

  •  Creating awareness of your individual & collective evolving spirituality as you consciously rewrite your stories of success and thrive as the powerful, radiant, & sovereign Goddess & God of Love you were born to Be 

  • Supporting you to passionately model what it means to be a Divine Feminine Leader - one who individually & collectively serves your communities in your own unique aligned ways free from the limitations of doctrine, dogma, cultural conditioning, societal rules, or the pain of your past 


A Little About Me

A Master Interspecies & Intuitive Consultant, & Channeler, Christine has spent 14+ years assisting clients to deepen their relationship with themselves and all Life, re-claim their connection to Source, & unlock their intuition, passion, purpose and radiant authentic expression. After healing her own abuse trauma through reclaiming the Divine Feminine within and becoming an Alchemical Creation High Priestess Christine birthed, Goddess Reclaimed, to assist women in falling madly in love with themselves through Spiritual Coaching Programs, Soul Sister Circles,  Priestess Training,  and Essential Oils so they are magnetically radiant- easily attracting the deeply loving and pleasurable relationships they truly deserve in all areas of their  life.  Utilizing the power of sacred sisterhood,  connection to their divine feminine essence, and doTerra Essential Oils Christine helps women heal, celebrate, embody, and radiate as the Goddesses of Love they were born to Be.


Healing Together

Rising Together

It is my mission to share with you -  my Soul Sisters of all colours, races, and orientations -  the Sacred Feminine Wisdom & Sacred Sisterhood support that will allow you to awaken, connect to, and embody your divine feminine essence so you can start thriving and expressing yourself as the powerful radiant sovereign Goddess of Love you were born to be. In this rising and reclamation of divine self love and earthly pleasure I commit to meet you, beautiful sister,  where you are at and lovingly guide you through this initiatory process of growth and awakening to your true worth.  I vow to provide services, events, opportunities for nourished growth, and access to a community of heart and soul sisters that will leave you turned on and tuned into the juiciness of your True Beauty, directly connected to the Goddess, fully supported by the harmonious relationship between the sacred feminine and masculine within, and magnetically radiant- easily attracting the deeply loving and pleasurable relationships, experiences, & success you truly deserve in all areas of your life.   Passionate, proud, powerful, and prosperous you, sweet sister, will understand the secrets to freeing yourself to limitlessly live a life of love and pleasure .....without the need for permission or apology.  In this mission I vow to leave no Soul Sister behind!


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