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Welcome Beautiful!

Is The Call Of The Goddess Rising Within You But Echoes From Traumatic Experiences Keep You From Opening Your Heart & Stepping Fully Into Your Life's Purpose?

 Tired Of Looking For Love Outside Yourself Only To End Up Losing More Pieces Of Yourself In The Process?

Ready To Free Yourself From Relationships That Dim Your Light, Silence Your Voice, & Distract You From Living Your Divine Purpose? 

Looking For A Community Of Sistership To Lean Into? 

Then Step Into The Temple My Sweet Soul Sister & Discover The Divine Feminine Secrets To Return Your Heart And Soul To Wholeness!

 Break the Cycle of The 'Disease To Please' & Reclaim Your Divine Feminine Truth, Voice, Power, & Sovereignty!

As You Learn How To Reconnect To Your Heart & Soul Through Our Offerings You Will Be Divinely Tuned In, Turned On, & Magnetically Radiant As The Empowered Goddess & Woman You Were Born To Be!

Reconnect To The Wisdom Of Your Heart & Soul

Restore Your Sense Of Who You Really Are

Reclaim Your Feminine Gifts, Voice, & Power

Rewrite Your Story Of Success

RISE as the Goddess Of Love You Were Born To Be 

I welcome you Beautiful Heart

I recognize and see who you really are

I see that you are the very image and spiritual reflection of Goddess

I see that you are an unique emanation of love, beauty, and divine intelligence 

Indeed you are one of a kind brilliant, absolutely amazing, and uniquely wonderful

I see that you are one of a kind magnificent unfolding genius &

Today I get to celebrate your very existence

I get to celebrate your infinite potential

I appreciate you and I thank Goddess for you!

 (Adapted from Agape Welcome)

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When the Goddess Of Love you were born to Be begins to stir, awakening the Lover Within, the call to begin the journey home to wholeness will become impossible to ignore. Your immediate reaction may be to dig in your heels and cling strongly to the familiarity of the past. It may seem that this is the safer route but attempting to stay put when you are being pulled forward is never safer. Like the cygnet ready to become the swan, resistance to the call of the Goddess of Love and the Lover Within is futile - you are making this journey home to wholeness and self-sovereignty one way or another. You can go with grace, awareness and, an open heart & mind - consciously co-creating one step at a time OR you can go kicking, screaming, and clumsily flailing about - subconsciously co-creating while simultaneously wondering why this is all happening to you. Which way you go is your choice but have no doubt you are going! How will you choose to follow the calling today - in this moment? You Beautiful One are loved & supported no matter what you choose but why make the journey harder? Haven’t you been through enough already? Trust in Love & the Goddess Within to see you through - one beautiful loving freeing step at a time. You’ve got this Sister! Together we’re unstoppable! Yep that’s right, I’m journeying right by your side - heart to heart, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand"

Christine 'Solionanda AuSet Ma' Riedel

"Reinvention is our birthright and our obligation"

Mama Gena

I love being part of the Soul Sisters Gatherings.  Christine creates a safe, supportive and fun space where women come together to share, learn about ourselves and encourage each other to be the powerful spiritual women that we are.  Can't wait for the next one!

Allyson Lee, Executive Coach, Eleko Coaching & Consulting

Allyson Lee

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Ready to reconnect to your Heart & Soul & live life as the Goddess you were born to Be but unsure where to start?  Got a question?  Contact me today to schedule a complimentary 'how to get started' call or to simply request more information.

Kitchener, ON, Canada

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